Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
May 2019

New BAC thresholds will save lives, says MADD

Uncertain future for .05% BAC bills as MADD joins fight



    No more alcohol ads on bus shelters says NYC

New York City bans alcohol ads on bus stops, kiosks, and other outdoor locations



Time for Oxycontin to give back the way it's taken away

Proposed CA legislation makes opioid manufacturers pay for the carnage



In the Doghouse


She is sad about the late last call times. Again. And AGAIN.

AB InBev steals logo in effort to push bogus healthy alcohol message




Bruce Lee Livingston on the lies behind the 4 a.m. bar bill
AJ Executive Director mythbusts the 4 a.m. bar bill lies

Drink dollars
Maine seeks to save lives with Charge For Harm tax

law firm fights back against DUI myths, costs itself clients
Friday Night Live student activists win battle against Fresno's alcohol flood


A plea for Gavin

Governor Newsom: Please Get Out of the Alcohol Industry

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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