Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
November 2021

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A letter to our allies from Executive Director Cruz Avila.

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In this issue:
► Mexicali Resiste takes its fight for water rights to Corona's front door in San Francisco
► Alcohol deregulation runs rampant on the California legislative floor in our 2021 Legislation Roundup
► Opinion: Biden asks for a "DUI-proof car," but is that the definitive solution to blood on the highway?
► ...and more.


Mexicali Resiste protestors, joined by Alcohol Justice, rally in front of the Constellation Brands headquarters at 101 Mission St. in San Francisco

Big Alcohol is seizing Mexican water rights; now indigenous and community groups are taking the fight to U.S. soil


Baseballs with famous batting averages on them, in the way we hope Alcohol Justice's legislative batting average will someday be famous

2021 CA Legislative Roundup:
Alcohol industry wraps itself in COVID to decimate regulations, but prevention groups score victories where they can


A man blows into an interlock device, but is this the last word in DUI prevention?

OPINION: Does the Biden plan to make "DUI-proof" cars end the threat, or just help the industry hide its harms?


Downtown Santa Barbara, where community and youth have rallied for a new protective alcohol ordinance

Santa Barbara residents to alcohol sellers: if harms do not stop, then liquor sales do




Kids drink on Miami Beach, where the COVID riots have sparked a restricted last call time
Amidst alcohol-fueled unrest, Miami Beach residents vote for an end to late last calls

Protestors rally against the Rohingya genocide, partially underwritten by megabrewer Kirin
Worldwide pressure forces Kirin to stop underwriting genocide in Myanmar

The lethal tobacco industry helped arm the lethal alcohol industry, research shows
Alcohol industry worked hand in hand with Big Tobacco to spread phony science, documents show


Youth advocate presses for retail reform in San Rafael

Marin youth join San Rafael Alcohol and Drug Coalition to demand healthy stores

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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