Youth For Justice

Youth For Justice

A power fist encircled by flowers and the text YOUTH FOR JUSTICE and JOVENES PARA LA JUSTICIA


At Youth For Justice, we empower young people to build a more just and equitable future for our LatinX community in San Rafael.
We develop youth leaders that organize to implement environmental prevention policies that make our communities healthier and safer.



A Clean Community for a Clean Mind

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Our "Minga" events are part of the Youth for Justice "A Clean Community for a Clean Mind" project. "Minga" is an Indigenous Kichwa word for a day of collective volunteer work. This project is creating a healthier community for all through the power of collective action to address the issues of alcohol- and drug-related litter and trash that fills the Canal District of San Rafael.

An example of environmental prevention in action, Minga participants are removing alcohol products from the streets, walkways, and footpaths that youth and families use in the Canal neighborhoods. By removing alcohol-related trash in our community from the line of sight of children we are reducing their exposure to harmful products and reducing the normalization of Alcohol.

YFJ Summer Academy 2020

YFJ logoThe 7th Annual Youth For Justice Summer Academy concluded in August 2020. Because of the hazards posted by CoVID-19 and the specific risk of spread in vulnerable communities, the academy was conducted remotely via Google Meets. Nonetheless, the youth were active, enthusiastic participants, and YFJ is excited to meet the next wave of community leaders.

Read the 2020 YFJ Academy Wrapup.


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